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Introduction to the Community Adult Learning Program - first 2 minutes

Introduction to the Community Adult Learning Program - first 2 minutes

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Tri-Community Adult Learning and Literacy Association (TriCALA)

Within our communities learners are searching for further education, but they face many challenges and barriers to access this.  There are colleges, universities, and local outreach programs, TriCALA exists to serve those who feel they are unable to further their education. 


We support the newcomers who struggle with the English language and therefore are not successful finding work in a field they are passionate about. 


We support the learner who is financially hindered to participate in educational opportunities with subsidized programming. 


We support the learner who hides their literacy challenges; the learner who pretends they have poor eyesight, when in fact they can’t read the menu, etc.


The Tri-Community Adult Learning and Literacy Association (TriCALA) is one of 120 community adult learning councils throughout the province who serve mostly rural populations.  TriCALA coordinates the part-time non-credit learning needs of adults in Stony Plain, Spruce Grove, and all of Parkland County.  We are supported by a grant from Advanced Education.


Members of TriCALA work cooperatively to identify adult learning needs in the area, encourage development and implementation of quality programs, and promote the concept of lifelong learning.

TriCALA Vision

A vibrant learning community where all learners in the Tri-area are participating fully and are actively engaged in lifelong learning.

TriCALA Mission​

Tri-CALA exists to provide literacy and foundational learning opportunities to the Tri-Community area so that our learners are able to participate actively in society and pursue further learning.

TriCALA Logo​

The TriCALA Logo is a "Tree of Learning". Our tree has three people/branches that represent the Tri-Communities with TriCALA as the trunk.   We are the supports that stand firm and support our learners in overcoming their challenges to accessing further learning, both personal and academic, and assist them on their learning path.  Our “tree roots” are the foundation that encourages confidence in our learners to tackle everyday issues head on.

TriCALA is also present as the branches.  Should there be a need for a learning opportunity we cannot provide, our branches reach out to other community providers and supports to help our learner.  We are the connectors to further learning.

The leaves- symbolic of growth - are our learners.  Every leaf is a different shape, size and colour, and they are all pointing in different directions - just like our learners.  The three colours of the leaves are the colours within the logos of the tri-communities of Stony Plain, Spruce Grove, and Parkland County.

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