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The Office of the Public Guardian has provided links to some pre-recorded presentations that are posted on their website that some may find useful. They have also included publications and website links, grouped according to topic, as another option to be able to review information a bit faster.

An Overview of AGTA Decision Making Options (video)

Decision–making options (pamphlet)

Making personal decisions for incapable adults (website)

Making financial decisions for incapable adults (website)


Capacity Assessments (pamphlet)

Capacity Assessment – Overview (website)


The Duties of a Private Guardian and Private Trustee (video)

Guide for Private Guardians (booklet)


Tips for Newly Appointed Trustees (pamphlet)


Advance Planning - Personal Directive, Enduring Power of Attorney, Wills (video)

Understanding Enduring Power of Attorney (pamphlet)

Enduring Powers of Attorney (website)

Understanding Personal Directives (booklet)

Personal Directives (website)




Questions regarding personal matters: 780-427-0017

Questions regarding financial matters: 780-427-2744

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