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Let's look at math! 

Some of our team actually have favourite math videos. Yes. Favourite. Not because they're amazing at math, because everyone needs help sometimes. 


Khan Academy is a free website and has hundreds of videos that show you how to do different types of math. Try searching for exactly what you are looking for in the search bar. For example type something like "adding fractions with different denominators" in the search bar rather than trying to find it in the grade categories. Just keep in mind that it is an American website and some of the math words they use are different to the ones your Canadian worksheets might have.

Photomath is an easy-to-use phone app that helps you to learn how to solve equations. Open the app, use your phone to take a picture of the equation, and tap through to see the solving steps. The free version does a great job with explanations - no need to upgrade unless you want to

Most people know Duolingo for learning languages, but did you know that it has math lessons, too? You can use Duolingo on your phone or on a computer. The free versions are great. Choose Math instead of a language and follow the instructions. It has adult or kid settings and will automatically set your lessons to the right level for you. 

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